UNESCO jobs. An excellent chance to make the world better

UNESCO is a specialized UN unit responsible for education, culture, and science development. Among the institution’s aims are strengthening peace as well as a system of security by expanding cooperation between states from cultural and scientific perspectives, ensuring law, judicial deference and right of humanity, fighting inequality, etc.

The most significant matters that relate to UNESCO activity include illiteracy and discrimination in education issues, the analysis of national cultures, social sciences, the training qualified personnel, and others.

UNESCO jobs. Versatility of work at UNESCO

The heart of the organization is located in Paris. The structure of UNESCO headquarters includes several offices and committees, as well as a secretariat. The likelihood of employment in the main office regardless of the professional category position without the impressive experience of international work at the UN is impossible. In addition, the recruitment office will not consider applicants without authoritative letters or recommendation from heads of UN units or main officials of states.

Today, more than 200 countries are a part of UNESCO. Therefore, it is much more real to get a job in one of the regional offices which are divided into the following categories: international institutions, regional bureaus, cluster, and national offices. These branches differ in the type of activity and their structure. Nevertheless, anyone can try their chances at any regional office.


UNESCO jobs. Work categories and frequent job openings

UNESCO career categories include International and National Professional Officers, General Service (HQ & Field), Project Appointments, Provisional Assignments, Internship, and Volunteers.

UNESCO job seekers can find a lot of prestigious positions on the official website. European offices and bureaus often require specialists in education, educational planning, vocational and technical training, and oceanography analysis. Experienced biologists, physicists, experts in polarity, geologists, psychology analysts, experts in the field of religion, and legal consultants are hired by UNESCO international institutes. The positions of human rights specialists, construction project managers, humanitarian and charity program coordinators, finance department employees, lawyers, and risk managers are often vacant in the cluster and national offices.

UNESCO jobs. Application and hiring process

UNESCO applicants should visit the official site https://careers.unesco.org/ if they want to apply for a job. There you can see all job openings for the current period which include the description of necessary requirements and responsibilities relating to this position. In order to apply, you ought to create your account and provide accurate information. After the completion of application, the candidates will get a confirmation email. The selection process will be based on the applicant’s experience, qualifications, and skills for the chosen position. In case of compliance with all criteria, the candidates will have an appointment for the interview where their knowledge and abilities will be evaluated. When all these steps are completed successfully, you will get an offer of an appointment. Wishing everyone luck in your career prospects!

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