UN job New York

UN job New York. Huge prospects in the City of Dreams

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization created to maintain and heighten the level of peace and security, promote international cooperation and global progress. The scope of the UN covers the whole world, and its comprehensive mandate provides for the satisfaction of social, economic, and emergency needs. All countries participate in the development of the most important strategic decisions of the UN. The place chosen for the United Nations Headquarters is located in New York City. This fact attracts plenty of applicants who are looking for a UN job in a suitable and great area.

UN job New York

UN job New York. Job categories at the UN in New York

There are several main categories of staff at the UN – these are P-staff (professional-staff), G-staff (general-staff), national officers, and field-staff.

P-staff are the so-called international employees who enjoy all the immunities and privileges that work at the UN gives. There are several levels of positions that depend on the employee’s experience.

G-staff deals mainly with administrative affairs and technical support. They also have their own categories, and when applying for a job, you must pass the appropriate exam. The disadvantage of this position: if you suddenly want to move from G-staff to P-staff it can be extremely difficult.

National officers are specialists, professionals who are hired locally and work in their own country in the UN structure. Usually, this is the staff of UN country missions. Therefore, if you are willing to stay permanently in NY City, this category is perfect for you.

Field-service consists of people who work in field missions, for example, in refugee camps, etc. For these positions, as well as for P-staff, international competition is announced and the best are selected.

UN job New York. Advantages of working for the UN in NY

In addition to the interesting environment, work, and professional colleagues, there are a lot of positive things in work at the UN.

  • Work-life balance (the requirement for the proper number of hours);
  • Good working environment (offices create working conditions: cafeterias, a library, a gym, a garden, etc);
  • Administrative matters (no problems with issuing visas and other documents);
  • Versatile development (a huge number of different conferences and meetings, various training on personal development).
  • Multicultural surroundings (colleagues from different cultures).

UN job New York. How to apply for a job

If you decide that the promotion of sustainable development or the struggle for world peace is what you would like to do, then feel free to submit documents to the UN:

  • To get started, find an open position here: https://careers.un.org.
  • If you meet the requirements, then fill out the form at https://inspira.un.org
  • In addition to the above site, recheck the position and requirements with the organization’s site.
  • Pay special attention to the Cover letter. It should be capacious in content, but brief.
  • Get the notification about the final decision.

Good luck!

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