UNDP vacancies

UNDP vacancies. Important UNDP career details

UNDP is a decision-oriented, knowledge-based organization that supports countries in addressing their own development challenges, as well as achieving internationally agreed goals. UNDP develops partnerships with people at all levels of society to facilitate building government structures that are resistant to the crisis, and also directs and supports a type of development that improves the quality of life for everyone. Having lots of country offices

and working in more than 176 countries and territories UNDP staff is looking for motivated, inspired, high-qualified professionals in order to create a better world for present and future generations.

UNDP vacancies

UNDP vacancies. Types of job opportunities

Depending on your skills and experience, UNDP provides different career options filled with a huge variety of promising job positions.

Staff category includes Professional (P), Director (D), and General Service (G) staff. Requirements for these positions differ from each other. For example, candidates for P and D vacancies ought to have strong leadership qualities, decent communication skills, and excellent analytical thinking. Usually, P&D employees are hired internationally, whereas G personnel is recruited locally. G staff mostly perform administrative functions. They need to be dedicated, creative, responsible, and result-oriented.

An Individual contractor is a person who is hired to provide services/assistance to the organization. That is, for example, the organization plans to hold a conference.

The consultant is an experienced specialist in a particular field hired to do work on a specific topic/area. For example, an organization needs to analyze the impact of introducing innovative types of financing at the local level.

Junior Professional Officer is a program sponsored by a specific country. The specialist works in a country for a specific project. A person receives the P position and the contract lasts 1-3 years, after which the person decides to either remain at the UNDP on another contract or return to the country.

And the last categories that will give you the opportunity to get into the UNDP are the Internship or Volunteer Programmes. They are not paid, the candidates take all the costs (flight, accommodation, meals, medical insurance). However, the participants gain plenty of advantages, valuable experience, and the chance to get a position at the UNDP is higher.

UNDP vacancies. Benefits of being a UNDP employee

Lots of UNDP recruits are fully satisfied with their jobs and working conditions due to plenty of advantages such as:

  • Prestigious status;
  • Well-paid positions;
  • Insurance coverage;
  • Significant contributions to retirement savings;
  • Paid time-off periods.

These privileges will make your work experience much better. The UNDP organization cares for the comfort and welfare of its employees. 

UNDP vacancies. Application steps

UNDP job seekers should use the Careers homepage where they will find a detailed guide on how to apply. Here you can create your profile and track the application status. So applicants ought to do several simple steps:

  • Sign up and create an account;
  • Check available job openings;
  • Apply for a job matching your specialization, skills, and experience;
  • Give answers to the questions relating to the job position;
  • Send an application form and check its status;
  • See the final outcome.

Do not miss this chance to contribute to positive changes in the world!

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