UN Salary Calculator

UN Salary Calculator. A significant tool for the UN

The Salary Calculator is a tool designed for UN current and future staff in order to assist them calculate their salaries and monitor any modifications. It includes all options that can influence the total amount of money. It is extremely difficult to do all these calculations in your head, that is why the Salary Calculator is a very helpful instrument. The UN follows an open salary policy meaning personnel’s size of earnings is publicized. Absolutely everyone can use the UN electronic estimator to check payments for certain job positions. Therefore, the Salary Calculator has considerable value to all interested in UN salaries. 

UN Salary Calculator. How to use it

Everybody willing to check the size of UN salaries should visit the official UN Salary Calculator website where they ought to fill out the required information relating to their job positions and family status. First, you need to specify the term of contract namely either it is permanent or a temporary one. Selecting the duty station is the next step. Here the applicants have a list of all countries which are a part of the UN. Choosing a grade and step option plays a very important role in the calculation of earnings. The higher position, the bigger size of salary obviously.

UN Salary Calculator

After completing this basic job information, you have to specify your marital status and the number of dependent children. Then the applicants should indicate the number of assignments and work experience in that duty station and in the UN system. And in the end, the Salary Calculator form needs information about your type of insurance. In keeping with chosen options, there will be results of calculations with accurate figures of net salary with post adjustments, details about the allowances, insurance, and total amount of money received for a month and a year. Hence, by filling out simple details you get a very clear picture of the salary and its components.

UN Salary Calculator. Pros of using it

As you have already noticed, there are many advantages of estimating the salary by means of the Salary Calculator. Among them are:

  • Easy way to calculate the remunerations;
  • Detailed information about salary with all adjustments;
  • Accurate calculation of all salary components;
  • Open salary policy;
  • A quick way to find out the salary size of any UN job position.

UN Salary Calculator. Level of salaries in line with categories

Professional categories. The salary size of P category is established in accordance with the highest level of remunerations of national civil service.

General Service. The salary of category G personnel is determined locally. It means that the service conditions ought to reflect the best local conditions for a corresponding job.

Field Service. This staff category can take advantage of international benefits since they are hired internationally. Interns and Volunteers. The UN does not provide the payment for these categories. Moreover, the participants of such programs ought to cover all the expenses on their own. 

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